Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prey 2 Goodies

I'm so excited about P2 finally being announced, as its the first title I've worked on to do so. Therefore, I'm going to keep updating this post with fun new goodies once they've been posted elsewhere on the web. I won't talk about, confirm or deny any questions asked about the game, nor does my posting them here constitute an affirmation in any way. So don't bother to ask any questions about it. I just wanted to collect the pretty bits of marketing that come about as a way to preserve it for posterity.

Without further adieu:

Some nominations and ruminations on the upcoming release of Prey 2:
#8 on the top 25 most anticipated games of 2012
Another 'Most Wanted of 2012'
And another 'Most Wanted'
And it was nominated for 'Best Trailer' on the Spike VGA Awards show.

It's fun to see people so excited about your work.

So, Bethesda just published some pixel art I did for fun on their Facebook site. Pretty neat!

Here's a link to our CG Teaser Trailer... It's really slick!

Checkout the facebook page: here

And courtesy of G4's Site:

Link to G4

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