Thursday, August 20, 2009

Animator Friendly Rigging

So, I love my job...and my employer. I came across these dvd's by Jason Schleifer, Head of Character Animation at Dreamworks, on 'Animator Friendly Rigging.' I love a lot of the stuff Jason's done in the past, and thought I'd talk to Human Head about getting a few. In total, all the videos would come to about $300, so there was no way I could get them on my own. But they didn't even bat an the purchase approved, and I've been watching them the last couple weeks... very cool stuff.

As far as rigging tutorials, dvds, and materials go, these are by far the most in depth and relevant ones I've seen in a long time. Each video is about 2 hrs long and cover the torso, neck and head, arms, hands and legs. So, multiple hours on each body part. If you can afford them, or even one, I highly recommend them. I'm just trying to spread the word.

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