Thursday, August 20, 2009

GDC 2008

I had the awesome opportunity to go to GDC 2008 in San Francisco this year. My primary task for going was to look into the possibility of utilizing Motion Capture for Human Head (HH). I checked out a bunch of different systems to see which would best fit our needs. So that was a lot of fun, running around the expo playing with toys and the like. I've never really worked with Mocap before, so I'm really excited about getting into it.

Aside from that, I attended several sessions, but by far the ones that stood out to me were the 'Storytelling in Bioshock,' 'Uncharted Animation,' and 'Creating a Character in Drake's Fortune.' The 'Uncharted Anim' presentation dealt directly with incorporating motion capture into a pipeline, while still obtaining a stylized result. So that was awesome. Jeremy Lai-Yates did a great job of presenting his ideas, and clearly conveying the process they went through to arrive at their solutions. You should check out his blog and guy.

I'll keep updating this as we begin to Purchase and implement our Mocap pipeline to give you all a good feel for what we're going through.

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